Director's Message

Director - L.J. Institute of Management Studies

Dr. Siddarth Singh Bist


I take this opportunity to welcome you all to our two year full time MBA program which is committed to nurture outstanding managers, dynamic entrepreneurs and future leaders.

Our vision for our students is for them to be innovative, entrepreneurial and socially responsible and that shall be achieved through numerous interventions which shall be academic, research oriented, technology driven and skill based.

Our program is designed to make the participant disciplined, solution oriented and adaptable to deal with uncertainty in the local and global environment. Our priority is that students learn to collaborate and team up as colleagues and human beings, achieve results through outstanding interpersonal skills and critical thinking, and emerge as leaders in different horizons of their choice with a sense of ethical responsibility and an urge to leave social impact.

I welcome you all to that change in your life that you always wanted.

  Dr. Siddarth Singh Bist


L.J. Institute of Management Studies