Diploma Engineering (LJ Polytechnic)

LJ Polytechnic (LJP) started its academic in 2008 under the aegis of Lok Jagruti Kendra (LJK) to run Diploma Engineering Programmes. A planned, disciplined green environment, beautiful landscaping with sweet sound of birds and vivacious hunt for knowledge by the young aspirants provide unique atmosphere in the LJ Campus. The environment inspires the learners to pursue the quest for knowledge along with development of skills in their preferred areas.

LJP is committed to provide quality and value based education with professional satisfaction. It has created a very pleasant professional learning environment with state-of-the-art facilities to meet the world-class standards to provide excellent education.

  • Technology enabled classrooms, laboratories, workshops, seminar halls, auditoriums, open-air theater, library and computer centres connected with optical fiber network.

  • Objective and transparent mechanism with reliable student support system.

  • Building links with institutions and organizations globally. This in turn, provides prospects of employability and skill based learning.

  • Well-qualified experienced faculties train the participants with easy-to-use step-by-step training.

  • Guest speakers from industry with relevant experience also follow the training.

  • Apart from academics, LJP also focuses on improvisation of communication/presentation skills, personality development, grooming, and etiquette for students for better employment. 

1st Prize in Toyota  9th National Seminar in SA T-TEP Category

Award in Toyota

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1st Prize in  Gujarat Hackathon in 2018

Gujarat Hackathon Award

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Gandhian Young Technological Innovation (GYTI) Award-2016

GYTI Award

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1st Prize in Smart India Hackathon 2022

Smart India Hackathon Award

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Admissions Open 2023


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C2D (Diploma Engineering) Orientation Programme

Orientation Programme

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