Applied Sciences (B.Sc./M.Sc.)

LJ School of Applied Sciences (LJSAS) aims to promote curiosity, learning and application ability among its students. Through its unique pedagogic strategies, it is nurturing students to understand basic and applied science and become problem solver in their future role as scientists, technologists, thinkers and leaders of the society. We at LJSAS are innovating in teaching-learning methodology, research, practice orientation, mentoring, and student evaluation and value addition process along with overall holistic development of young students.


Gujarat is an entrepreneurial and industrially advanced state which hosts a series of promising industrial sectors based on applied science and engineering. LJSAS is poised to hone the skills of students with support from outstanding faculty members and advisers leveraging its state-of-the-art infrastructure so that they cater to the need of local and global industries and scientific endeavors. We have designed academic programs in such a manner that students can avail theoretical knowledge along with enough avenue for practical exposure so that they get industry ready by the time they graduate. We are also working to co-develop programs and courses with industries and practicing organizations working in applied science domain so that we amalgamate excellence and relevance through each of our programs. LJSAS is emerging as a unique applied science institute in the state due to commitment from its top leadership, highly passionate faculty members and dedicated efforts from its students. Both the ambience and ambition of LJSAS leaves a pressing impression on each stakeholder of LJSAS inside and outside its campus across academia and industry.

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