Booming IT sector has plenty of jobs. Candidates with high percentage of mark and good communication skills as well as sound IT knowledge do not face problem in getting a job whether they are from a reputed engineering college or not. They can get jobs in non-IT companies like universities, research, private and public industries, government departments, business organizations, commercial organizations and the manufacturing sector, etc.

We all know that the world had become impossible to move without Information Technology. Among other sectors, the IT sector has been driving growth for the last decade. IT students have a lot of scope for their future. Since the technologies and IT sectors are increasing day by day, the need of employers are also increasing. Also IT sector is so well evolved that it is directly or indirectly influencing the working of various other sectors and industries, such as healthcare, aviation, education, manufacturing sector, telecommunications sector, various Government initiatives and Departments etc. IT may be the best field for those searching for self-employments.



SSC (Xth) or Equivalent Certificate