Leadership        Founders

Late Prof. B. M. Peerzada 

Founder and Managing Trustee

The establishment of LJ University is the apt culmination of the distinguished performance of LJK institutes in the area of higher education, especially professional education, over the last three decades. The LJ University will mark its presence with a focus on applied and skill-oriented education & research, innovation, entrepreneurship and outcome-oriented extension programmes. Professional education substantially enhances the productivity of the recipient of this education. So its cost, which is investment-in-self, should naturally be borne by the recipient. 

LJ University feels proud that, not only it participates in this programme, but also with the help of its highly qualified and committed faculty and other staff it is set to play a substantial role in nation-building under the able leadership of its Vice Chancellor, Dr. Dinesh Awasthi and the Directors of constituent institutes as well as the dynamic and innovative guidance of Dr. Manish Shah with the support of Board of Trustees of Lok Jagruti Kendra and other executives of LJ Pariwar.

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Dr. Dinesh Awasthi 

Vice-Chancellor, LJKU

Dear Students,

It is with great pleasure that I, on behalf of the President, the faculty, and staff members of LJ University, extend a very warm welcome to you. Your acceptance to LJ University marks a significant milestone in your academic journey. At LJ University, we are dedicated to fostering your intellectual growth and propelling you towards fulfilling careers.

LJ University boasts a rich and enduring legacy of academic excellence. Our meticulously curated curriculum offers a diverse range of programs, each led by a distinguished faculty renowned for their expertise and unwavering dedication to student success.

The LJ University experience extends beyond the confines of the classroom. We are a vibrant intellectual hub that fosters not only academic prowess but also personal growth, intellectual curiosity, and entrepreneurial spirit. Our technology business incubators are committed to foster and ignite the spirit of innovation in you.

Like the earlier years,  I would like to reiterate that unlike factories producing robots, we believe in nurturing students to evolve as empathetic human beings. We empower them to fulfil their commitment to society, their communities, and the environment, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and liveable world.

We acknowledge that embarking on a new academic journey can be both exhilarating and initially daunting. Rest assured that we are firmly committed to your success. Our dedicated staff is readily available to equip you with the resources and support necessary to flourish academically and personally. Should you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to your professors, academic advisors, or any member of our esteemed staff.

Finally, this signifies the commencement of a remarkable odyssey. We are delighted to welcome you to the LJ family, and eagerly anticipate celebrating your triumphs along the way.

Once again, a heartiest welcome to you all!

Welcome to L J University, shape your career, and live your dreams.

Dr. Manish Shah 

Vice-President, LJK

At LJ University, we believe in sincerity and commitment. We work hard to achieve excellence. The LJ aims at the overall development of the students. We always try to offer professional and job-oriented courses. Ensuring accessibility to genuine opportunities for every common man. To democratize higher education is our core ideology. The ultimate objective of each of the University endeavours is to help the country achieve global competitive advantage.

Keeping needs of the hour in mind, LJ University crafts its curriculum that is most relevant to the demand of industry and matches well with any centre of excellence. The University offers excellent, state-of-the- art facilities for high-quality education in the fields of Commerce, Management, Engineering, Pharmacy, Computer and Information Technology, Architecture, Planning, Design etc. Core strength of our university is its well-qualified and experienced faculty.

The prime motto of L J University is to provide quality education at affordable prices, without compromising intellectual excellence. We endeavour to ensure that no student, keen to study, is denied the opportunity just because he/she does not have financial resources.

Our students are high performers not only in their studies but also in co- curricular and extra-curricular activities. There are no major tournaments organised by the affiliating universities that we had not won, or at least not had been the finalists. Recently (in the month of May 2022) the University organised pan Gujarat Volleyball and Basketball Leagues. We accomplished grand success in these leagues and were lauded unequivocally by the State Gujarat Volleyball and Basketball Associations. Besides games and sports, we also promote theatre and other cultural activities to develop the creative side of the students.

We also encourage our students to take part in social development activities like teaching children of poor and hapless slum dwellers, under PRAYAS, a development organisation run by the students. Similarly, we have established a ‘Department of Happiness’ under which about 300 ultra-poor are served food by the students, free of cost. Such activities not only make the students socially sensitive but also help them develop a well-rounded and balanced personality.

I invite you to join the L J Family to pursue your career in excellence.