About this course

Cloud Computing and Big Data are one of the most used technologies in today’s Information Technology world. With these two technologies, business, education, healthcare, research & development, etc. are growing rapidly and will provide various advantages to expand their areas with tricks and techniques.

Cloud computing refers to the on-demand availability of computing resources over internet. These resources include servers, storage, databases, software, analytics, networking and intelligence over the Internet and all these resources can be used as per requirement of the customer. In Cloud Computing, customers have to pay as per use.

Big data refers to the data, which is huge in size and increasing rapidly with respect to time. Big data includes structured data, unstructured data as well as semi-structured data. Big data cannot be stored and processed in traditional data management tools it needs specialized big data management tools.

In this course, students learn how to design, implement and manage complete cloud computing systems as well as how to design distributed cloud computing applications, efficient cloud architecture and understand how to implement important cloud security features to protect against hackers. Students also get thorough understanding of what insights big data can provide through hands-on experience with the tools and systems used by industry. By following along with provided tools and support, they experience how one can perform predictive modeling and leverage graph analytics to model problems.


Diploma in Cloud Computing and Big Data can aspire for a range of Job Profiles like Cloud Solution Architects, Cloud System Administrator, Cloud Security Specialist, Cloud Application Development/Maintenance/ Testing, Migration and Modernization Specialists, Cloud Project Management, Design Engineer, Computing/IT Consulting and Solution Developers, System/Network Administrators or IT Managers, Software Developer, Deep learning Engineer, Computer Vision Engineer, Data Analyst, Big Data Solution Architect and Business Intelligence & Analytics Consultant.


Xth or Equivalent