Media and Communication

The LJ Institute of Media & Communications (LJIMC) is India’s leading media and mass communication Institute. Managed by Lok Jagruti Kendra (LJK) Trust and based out of Ahmedabad, the primary objective of LJIMC is to impart the best training to mass media students. Under the expert guidance of veteran professors and visiting faculty our students are given hands-on training in the latest media and communications trends. To match the pace of ever evolving media and communications industry we have on board some of the most respected industry veterans from all over India. Click here to know more about our expert team

As Ahmedabad’s best media and communications institute, LJIMC offers Post Graduate Diploma in Media and Communications (PGDMC) including all major areas of media such as television, print, digital, and corporate communication. One reason why our students outstand national competition is because theoretical and practical guidance is provided by reputed faculty and revered media and communications professionals including entrepreneurs, directors, CEO’s, general managers and other top level stakeholders. Here’s more about LJIMC’s courses.

LJIMC is Gujarat’s top mass media and communication’s college because we have developed our own high-end, state-of-art and internationally famous sound and editing studios. Here our students undergo rigorous training under the guidance of the best industry talent to develop a practical approach for the existing professional market scenario. Workshops are conducted and internships provided for digital, social media, advertising, journalism, photography, theatre, television productions, audio visual and film production, public relations and corporate communications. During the two year course the students undergo an enriching experience to survive the demanding masscom domain. At LJIMC the students are allowed to explore their creativity and broaden their knowledge. Here are the facilities provided at L J Institute of Media and Communication.

If you wish to build a brilliant career in media and communications, LJIMC is the best place for you.