Architecture (B.Arch)

LJ School of Architecture (LJSA) is part of a larger campus of LJ Institutes, founded by LokJagruti Kendra (LJK). LJSA was established in June 2013. The first & second batch of students of LJSA has passed out with flying colors.

The main aim is to develop comprehensive professional Architecture training to bridge the existing gap between formal systems and the realistic modern skills requirements of the architectural field, “Where Creativity and Technology meet together”. It is the place of study and a professional practice. A cultural phenomenon radically altering the way we view our world and dream about our tomorrows. Offers career opportunities to aspiring architects seeking constant new challenges.


LJSA has been constantly involved in inventing a bridge between the formal Architectural Education, Technology and Professional Architectural Practice. With this constantly evolving process in mind, the vision of LJSA is to make a centre where the focus would be on self-learning process, capacity building, research, experimentation, explorations.

Fusing design and critical thinking, we encourage our students to be more confident to put their ideas into the real world, allowing them to become sensitive contributors towards architecture.

Our vision is also to create a platform for the passed out students also, where they will be enrolled as research assistants and to form a research cell which will also provide consultancy.

What Our Students Says