Doctoral Program(Ph.D.)

Generation of knowledge is the corner stone of any center of excellence in academics. Research creates capacity to ask right kind of questions and seek answers. It creates capacity to think beyond the set boundaries, and create something new, innovative. It calls for a culture of research and innovation, wherein every entity in the institution, from the faculty to its students, is an integral part of this culture. It needs a conducive ecosystem to foster knowledge generation, and meet expectations of the research community, engaged directly or indirectly, in generation and dissemination of ideas, to extend the frontiers of knowledge, and foster innovations. It is possible only when ‘research and innovation’ become a culture in the institution.

LJ University has launched its Doctoral Program(Ph.D.) across the schools in the university.

The Doctoral Programmes gives a major thrust in the University. All the Schools constituting the University are mount to doctoral and post-doctoral programmes. The Programme is open to full-time scholars as well as part-time scholars who might we working. It is also be open to professional degree holders such as Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, etc., subject to equivalence of their qualifications with a Master’s Degree.

It may be mentioned that for LJ University the Doctoral Program is not surplus generating activity, we at the University treat it as an investment in capacity building of the youth. The uniqueness of the program is that it gives back to the scholars in financial terms more than what it charges as fees.

The Disciplines we offer are:

  • Applied Sciences

  • Computer Science

  • Engineering

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • Management

  • Mathematics

  • Pharmacy

  • Philosophy and Theology

  • Urban Regional Planning