Name: Prakash Notani

Batch: 2001-2003

Company Name: Dhyaana Realty

Location: Ahmedabad

Designation: Founder and Chief Executive

Experience: 16 years

Role of LJIMS: LJIMS changed my life upside down, changed my attitude towards life. I learned to think differently  and that’s why I am founder of 2 Companies… More to come soon!

Name: Dhaval Barot

Batch: 2001-2003

Company Name: Motilal Oswal Asset Management Company Ltd

Location: Ahmedabad

Designation: AVP – Regional Manager (Guj, MP)

Experience: 16 Years

Role of LJIMS: LJMBA Faculty helped me to learn practical lessons of Management; proud to be a part of this great institution.

Name: Khushboo Benani

Batch: 2001-2003

Company Name: United Spirits Ltd

Location: Ahmedabad

Designation: Sr. Manager – Brand PR (Bangalore)

Experience: 16 years

Role of LJIMS: I left the institute with some great learning that have been an integral part of my career development and progression

Name: Kalpesh Darji

Batch: 2002-2004

Company Name: Berger Paints Ltd

Location: Ahmedabad

Designation: Divisional Sales Manager (Vadodara, Surat, New Mumbai)

Experience: 15 years

Role of LJIMS: I am really thankful to the members of the institute for their contribution in giving me a successful and passionate professional life.

Name: Utsav Patel

Batch: 2009-2011

Company Name: Ahmedabad One

Location: Ahmedabad

Designation: Sr. Executive – Marketing

Experience: 8 years

Role of LJIMS: LJMBA is one of the best places to learn and grow. It helped me to imbibe management concepts valuable in corporate life.

Name: Gaurav Mehta

Batch: 2013-2015

Company Name: P. R. Advisors

Location: Ahmedabad

Designation: Proprietor

Experience: 5 Years

Role of LJIMS: I owe a lot to LJIMS in terms of varied  training and mentoring provided by Institute that helped me in my overall development.

Name: Annanth Iyer

Batch: 2012-2014

Company Name: Global Corp Logistics LLC

Location: Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

Designation: Sales Manager

Experience: 5 Years

Role of LJIMS: LJIMS is a platform that gave a lift to my professional career as well as life goals. I have been associated with LJ since my graduation days and it is one of the best institutions. I came across which promotes and supports students to pursue what they are willing to do. 

Name: Ravi Shah

Batch: 2013-2015

Company Name: Indiabulls Housing Finance

Location: Ahmedabad

Designation: Branch Credit Manager

Experience: 4 years

Role of LJIMS: LJIMS has played a major role in my career by helping me to get placement in reputed company with the help of excellent placement team. We got to learn how to deal in corporate world with the help of different case presentations. 

Name: Sakshi Bajaj Patel

Batch: 2008-2010

Company Name: Kollective Media Advertising Company Ltd

Location: Ahmedabad

Designation: AVP - Marketing

Experience: 9 Years

Role of LJIMS: LJIMS for me is my journey who brought my inner capabilities out. It became my second home and my school of learning and experience. I personally owe my success to LJIMS team and faculties. 

Name: Aditi Yagnik

Batch: 2013-2015

Company Name: CNBC Bazaar

Location: Mumbai

Designation: Research Analyst, Anchor

Experience: 4 years

Role of LJIMS: I have been through all the phases of life being at LJIMS. My biggest lesson is to work patiently and persistently towards the goal without allowing you to become discouraged under any circumstances.