Development Studies & Management (MS)

LJ Institute of Development Studies and Management runs a Two Year Post Graduate Program for development professionals viz. Master of Science (MS) in Development Studies & Management is for those who want to be the change-makers; it is for those who want to strive to create an equitable and just society; it is for those ignited and innovative youths who think from the mind as a hardcore professional and execute from the heart as a person with lots of empathy for the disadvantaged, the last person of Mahatma Gandhi; it is for those who want to equip themselves with a right mix of knowledge, skill and attitude to make a professional career in the development sector; and, it is also for those who would like to dedicate themselves to social innovations and set up sustainable social businesses. Drawing an analogy from what Noble Laureate Muhammad Yunus of Grameen Bank of Bangladesh had said about the social businesses:

"If you have ever found yourself thinking, ‘I don’t like the way things are around me; it’s painful to live in a world where hunger, poverty disease, illiteracy, and unemployment afflict so many people; I want to see these terrible things disappear,’ then the social business may be part of your life's calling."

And so, maybe this program as well is a part of your life’s calling.