Brief aBout LJ University


L J University is a place where the mind is free and learns how to learn, learns how to frame the right questions, and learns how to find out-of-the-box, creative solutions. It promotes creativity and an environment where youth thinks beyond today and beyond self. The place promotes critical thinking. We at L J don’t produce Robots but sensitive human beings with compassion, curiosity and enthusiasm.  

L J University was set up in 2019,  by a group of academicians led by Prof. B M Pirzada, Former Dean, School of Commerce and Management, Gujarat University,  as an umbrella organization for its 18 constituent institutes offering courses in various disciplines like engineering, management, pharmacy, computer applications, architecture, physiotherapy, law, planning, commerce, etc., operational since early 1980. Thus, while the university is of a recent origin, its constituent institutions have a sparkling history of over 40 years.

The University, along with its 18 constituent institutions, operates from a well-developed environment-friendly campus having excellent infrastructure facilities. Technology-enabled classrooms, laboratories, workshops, seminar halls, auditoriums, open-air theatre, library, and computer centers connected with optical fiber and a network of over 2000 workstations, ensure the most updated learning pedagogy and mechanisms.  

The LJ University hosts 700 plus well qualified and academically rich faculty, shaping the future of over 18000 students by engaging in teaching-learning, research and extension activities.