Women Investing in Women2.0
Women Investing in Women2.0

A Platform Wherein Women Entrepreneur And Enthusiasts Were Brought Together In Five Event Formats i.e.

Learn-To-Earn (Up-Skilling via Power Workshops): A platter of micro workshops for you

    •  She The Finance Queen
    • She The Storyteller
    • She The Content Creator
    • She The Paint Artist
    • She The Image Makeover Artist

Hurry Up! Limited seats Register on the link Below: https://forms.gle/H2vbQ1yRWNpkt3JC6

Point-To-Point (A Talk Show By Wonder Women)

Any great show comes with a well-thought-out idea and a strategy. Wondering if this is one of those same old boring talk shows? We put together the best-unseen women’s minds for the talk show, so you can get the best insights about life, business, and everything that’s worth your time.

    • 10 Speakers
    • 150 Audiences
    • 15 min each speaker
    • 150 min

To Register as a Curious Audience: https://bit.ly/wiwvisitor

Mentor Mocktail (360° Degree Business Idea Validation)

Women-led projects, innovations, and startups seeking mentorship would be facilitated with mentors from segments like marketing, finance, technology, legal, IPR & many more to scale their business to the next level.

    • Women Idea + Mentor
    • 20 business ideas
    • 70 Mentors
    • 2 Days
    • 12 Hours

Register on the link Below: https://forms.gle/H2vbQ1yRWNpkt3JC6

The Spotlight Pitch (Women Startups Seeking Angel Funds)

Herein we will have women investors with a real risk-taking capacity of 5-50 lacs. The investment here will not be for growth-level startups. Rather, it will be for enabling women-led ventures and helping them to climb the risk mountain.

    • 10 Women led Startups
    • 35 Women Investors
    • 10 Angel Syndicates / VC Firms
    • Speed Date Pitching

Register on the link Below: https://forms.gle/H2vbQ1yRWNpkt3JC6

The Power Dias (Chat With Women In Power)



In the present, technology have changed in ways and by means that once were unimaginable, even to writers of science fiction would agree to this. And what else but technology can explain the fact that business has continually grown faster since technology rose? A Panel around women in technology would give us a much thought-quenching conclusion to the same.


The panel WOMEN IN BUSINESS runs with the objective of understanding the opportunities and challenges that women entrepreneurs face in business. The real art of entrepreneurship is much more than simply having an idea, with 90% of the work in implementation. Here we will talk about NARI Shakti in business.

To Register as a Curious Audience: https://bit.ly/wiwvisitor


While women and men are both tremendously creative, women remain under-represented in many creative industries. During the discussion, the eminent panellists will share experiences, best practices and ideas on the empowerment of women in the creative industries, closing gender gaps, and creating a level playing field for women creators.