Exam Center

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Since 2005, LJ has been operating its online center, welcoming over 10 lakh candidates over the years. With a track record of more than 80 successful clients, LJ Exam Center is well-equipped to facilitate various types of exams, including Online MCQ (Multiple Choice Question), Offline OMR-based (Optical Mark Recognition), CPT (Computer Proficiency Test), and Typing Software Exams.

Our exam center boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure for conducting exams with the following features:

Ø  Over 100 classrooms, each accommodating 30 benches.

Ø  More than 50 air-conditioned laboratories with a total capacity of 1600 computers.

Ø  Elevators in each building for accessibility.

Ø  Washrooms conveniently located on each floor.

Ø  Four generators with capacities of 160kva, 320kva, 650kva, and 200kva.

Ø  CCTV facilities in each classroom and laboratory.

Ø  Dedicated server rooms in each building.

Ø  Control rooms in each building to manage exam logistics.

Ø  RO Plant ensuring clean drinking water throughout the campus.

Ø  Waiting areas provided for parents.

Ø  Adequate parking space for convenience.

Ø  Security measures in place for the safety of belongings.

Ø  Canteen facility for the convenience of participants and visitors.