LJ Japan Centre

With the objective of bridging the manpower gap and tapping into abundant opportunities within Japanese companies in India and abroad, including Japan, L. J. Group of Institutes and Nihon Sands Pvt. Ltd. formalized a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), resulting in the establishment of NICE (Nihon India Centre of Excellence). NICE aims to provide Japanese language training for students and corporate professionals, facilitate internships and job placements in Japanese companies, support higher studies in Japan, encourage entrepreneurship, and assist with public relations in Japan.

Within just one month of the MOU signing, NICE successfully certified 60 students through a crash course and initiated advanced courses like N5, currently engaging 23 students. The curriculum goes beyond language learning, encompassing various activities such as Shudo (Calligraphy), Sushi Classes, and games like Hashi (Chop-Sticks), Sumo wrestling, Origami Art, and Fukuwarai (blindfold game), adding an element of fun to the learning process.

The students actively participated in the Kobe-Ahmedabad Economic Trade Fair at the Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA). The campus received a visit from JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization), further motivating and engaging the students.

NICE organized a certificate distribution ceremony, marked by enthusiastic participation from students who not only received certificates but also engaged in Japanese games, calligraphy, language exhibits, and even showcased their talent in singing Japanese songs. The ceremony was a vibrant and lively event, creating an atmosphere of celebration and accomplishment among the students.