ANTRAPRENEUR: The Business Incubator

Established in 2013 under the LJ Knowledge Foundation (LJKF) Ahmedabad, Antrapreneur was founded with the primary goal of facilitating incubation and ecosystem development to support emerging entrepreneurs. Over time, Antrapreneur has successfully established a comprehensive innovation and incubation ecosystem, leveraging various state and central government schemes such as SSIP, New Gen IEDC, IT/ITes, GSBTM, and Industries Commissionerate. The incubation center has fostered a robust network within the closely-knit entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Antrapreneur: The Business Incubator offers seed funding for startups in their initial stages of venture funding. This support is instrumental in helping startups carve their niche in the market and build a foundation for sustainable growth. While some companies may only require seed funding, others may go through multiple funding rounds. The exact estimation of required funds varies based on the nature of the startup. Antrapreneur's mission is to guide startups to a stage where they have developed something noteworthy enough to attract larger-scale investments. This may involve introductions to later-stage investors, potential acquirers, or collaborators.

One of the primary focuses of Antrapreneur is working closely with startups on refining their ideas. The team, being innovators themselves, dedicates considerable time to understanding real-world problems and devising effective solutions. With a multi-perspective mindset, they are agile in learning from failures and strategically approaching success. At this stage, Antrapreneur offers guidance ranging from naming the company to creating ambitious long-term plans and business models.

Another significant aspect of Antrapreneur's role is supporting startups in their interactions with investors and potential acquirers. Beyond mere introductions, the emphasis is on extensive discussions to refine pitch decks, generate interest, and successfully close deals. In later phases, Antrapreneur provides not only advice but also protection. They assist in proper incorporation, handle standard paperwork to avoid legal issues, and facilitate connections with lawyers/advocates for legal proceedings. The incubator helps startups in appointing their initial employees and provides support through its IPR Cell for intellectual property-related queries and applications. Currently, the center incubates 16 startups, with their combined revenue surpassing Rs. 18 Cr. These startups collectively provide 610 direct/contractual jobs.