ANTRAPRENEUR: The Business Incubator

Established in 2013 under the aegis of LJ Knowledge Foundation (LJKF) Ahmedabad, Antrapreneur has been set up to primarily carry out incubation and ecosystem development to help budding entrepreneurs. Over the years, Antrapreneur has built a conclusive ecosystem of innovation and incubation processes backed by several state and central government schemes including SSIP and New Gen IEDC, IT/ITes, GSBTM and Industries Commissionerate. The incubation center has a strong network among the close knitted key players of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

At Antrapreneur: The Business Incubator we provide seed funding for startups which is in the initial stage of venture funding. It aids in building your market while you are moulding your path for sustainable existence. Some companies might not require more than a seed fund, whereas others shall go through multiple rounds. There is no correct estimation of how much fund one needs, as it depends on the kind of company one starts with. Our mission is to get the startup to the point where they have built something remarkable enough to raise money on a larger scale. Then we can introduce you to later stage investors or occasionally even acquirers and collaborators.

Working with startups on their ideas is the most important thing we do. We are innovators ourselves, and we have been spending good time in figuring out real problems people face and answers to address them. So with a multi-perspective mindset we are fairly quick in failing and practically strategic in succeeding. At this stage, we start handholding you ranging from naming the backbone of the company to alarmingly ambitious long-term plan / business models.

The second most important thing we do is- support startups that deal with investors and acquirers.  Yes, we will make introductions, but that part is simple. The valued statistics are drawn when we devote much more time in discussing and narrowing down how to ground their pitch decks to investors, and close a deal once they have generated interest. In the later phase we support with not just advice but protection too. We also get the startups we fund incorporated properly with all the standard paperwork, avoiding legal issues that could cause serious hassles and delays later. We introduce founders to lawyers/advocates for legal work and further proceeding, if any. We regularly help startups find and appoint their first employees. We have our IPR Cell which can help with intellectual property related queries, like what to patent, and when and further take care of the IPR application. At present, 16 startups are incubated at the centre and their total revenue has crossed mark of  Rs.18 Cr. 

610 direct/contractual jobs are provided in total by all these startups together.