Director Message

 Director's Message 

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Late Sr Adv  Girish C.Patel

Former Executive Director, LJSL

"Our constitution stands for commitment to socio economic revolution through democracy. Rule of law is the very foundation of democracy. Rule of law requires bold, independent and sensitized judiciary an intelligent, independent and courageous lawyer. We want judges and lawyers not only with great minds but also with great hearts. L J School of Law will endeavour to create such judges and lawyers. This is our commitment to constitution and to, We the people of India

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CS Chaitali Jani

Director Incharge, LJSL

L.J. School of Law (LJSL) was established in the year 2015, has made excellent progress in a very short span of time and is one of the reputed Law institutes in Gujarat. At LJSL we strongly believe that for a Law student the knowledge of theory and practical aspects of Law are equally important. At LJSL the scope of learning has been widened through many activities like Moot Court, Mock Trial, parliamentary Debate, MUN, Client Counselling which not only enhance the knowledge of the students but also help them in understanding their latent abilities and develop their creative and analytical thinking. I feel very happy and proud to share that many of our student’s articles are being published in reputed Law journals and blogs.  In various events Hon’ble Justice, Designated Counsels and lawyers from The Supreme Court of India, High court of Gujarat and lower courts visit the institute regularly. The guidance and motivation of these legal luminaries help the students to achieve new heights in their legal education.   LJSL’S continuous endeavor is to provide a platform to law aspirants for their holistic development. The reason behind striking achievements of LJSL is the vision and encouragement of the management of L J Group of Institutes as well as commitment,  enthusiasm and hard work of all the faculty members.