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Message by Dr. Viral Shah  (Director, LJISM)

"LJISEM is conceived with the aim of providing an absolutely innovative platform to the students who are interested in both sports and management. This field is set to provide immense opportunities to business management students who also have a great passion for sports and its allied activities. Since this is the first college in Gujarat to venture into the said field, the students are ought to get the market leader advantage. This field also promises a lot of entrepreneurial facets and the college will support the ideas of students by giving them infrastructure, mentor facility and seed fund through its business incubation center. The college has also tied up with the best of the industry experts and sports management companies who will not only provide meaningful internships but also speakers with practical knowledge of the same field. The rich library of LJISEM will help students gain in-depth knowledge of the both the evolution and changing face of sports as well as distinctive management skills required to give it a competitive edge."

Message by Dr. Rashi Goplani (In Charge , LJISM)

LJ Group of Institutes is always known to venture into the upcoming fields and provide the industry with skilled and able students. Exploring the niches and nurturing the students to reap the full benefits of the market is what is LJISEM committed to. We, at LJISEM are equipped to provide the best state of the art facilities along with practical exposure to the sports management students along with providing the right vision to them for their explosive growth in this sector. This institute is set to start a new trend in the field of undergraduate studies. A plethora of activities are designed to provide them complete knowledge of all the nuances of sports and event management. This will help them get connected to the real world and start a promising career thereafter. Aggression and passion for sports combined with business acumen and diplomacies is what is the course all about. The commitment of top management at the LJ Group will help this institute create a benchmark in this promising field.

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