Important Dates

Admission to the Doctoral Programmes are Open-ended and round the Year. 

The Entrance test for admission are conducted every quarter on

1. First Sunday of January.

2. First Sunday of April.

3. First Sunday of July.

4. First Sunday of October.

The last date for submitting applications in each quarter will be 15days prior to the entrance test, else the application will be considered in the next quarter.

Applications for 2021

Last Date for Form Submission

Quarter 1 19th December, 2020
Quarter 2
20th March, 2021
Quarter 3
19th June, 2021
Quarter 4
18th September, 2021

Date of Entrance Test

Quarter 1
3rd January, 2021
Quarter 2
4th April, 2021
Quarter 3
4th July, 2021
Quarter 4
3rd Oct, 2021