About this course

Robotics is a field of engineering that deal with design and application of robots and the use of computer for their manipulation and processing. Robots are used in industries for speeding up the manufacturing process. They are also used in the field of nuclear science, sea-exploration, servicing of transmission electric signals, designing of bio-medical equipment etc. Robotics requires the application of computer integrated manufacturing, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, biological mechanics, software engineering.

This course aims to familiarize students with basic terminologies of the robotics sciences and essential knowledge required to get started in the field of Robotics. Students will demonstrate an understanding of how to program robots and computers that control manufacturing automation. Understand, analyses and solve problems in spatial coordinate representation and spatial transformation, robot locomotion design, kinematics, motion control, localization and mapping, navigation and path planning. Familiar with various robot sensors and their perception principles that enable a robot to analyses their environment, reason and take appropriate actions toward the given goal.

This course Engross in life-long learning to keep themselves abreast of new developments. Practice and inspire high ethical values and technical standards

Robotics, automation, artificial intelligence and Industry 4.0 are high-growth areas, with strong demand for skills and knowledge along with technical expertise. Robotics are increasingly instrumental in engineering projects with remote operating systems, in offshore projects, mining, agriculture and healthcare – the driving forces of our economy.


Diploma in Robotics and Automation can aspire for a range of Job Profiles like robotics test engineers, analysts, robot design engineers, Robotics system engineer, senior robotics specialist, robotics technicians, Robotics programmer, Aerospace robotics engineer, quality assurance technician, to name a few.


Xth or Equivalent