About this course

Mechanical Engineering (CAD/CAM) is the art and science of designing, development and control of systems and components including machine design, material science, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, manufacturing CAD/CAM and much more. Mechanical CAD/CAM engineers use these core concepts along with tools like computer-aided design (CAD) and product lifecycle management to design, analyze and manufacture types of equipment.

LJU offers specializations in Mechanical CAD/CAM course, where in two years you can indulge in advance learning of the field by learning Computer-Aided Design, G&M Code Programming, APT Programming, Development of 3D Prototype, CAE (Structural, Dynamic, Model, CFD), Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Emerging Technologies and in-depth research leading you to become an expert of Mechanical CAD/CAM. Department of Mechanical Engineering (CAD/CAM) - broadly recognized as one among the best engineering colleges in Gujarat has carved a mark by producing a competent workforce in the past years. As a postgraduate student, you will get the opportunity to learn from the professionally trained faculties and industry experts who will mentor you at every step.


With worldwide globalization, current industries’ demands of mechanical (CAD/CAM) engineers are high and projected to grow. Mechanical (CAD/CAM) engineers play a vital role in varied industries such as automotive, manufacturing, automation, aerospace, biotechnology, computers and electronics, chemical, construction, energy conversion and more. A Mechanical (CAD/CAM) Engineer can work in both private and public companies or can also start their own business. 


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