About this course

Computer Engineers are distinguished for their versatile skillset. They can design and build computers, create system-level and user/application-level software, develop firmware and make computers communicate not only with the outside world but also with each other. They are also concerned with analyzing and solving software, network, and hardware problems. Computer engineers influence the way we work in our daily life by creating hardware, firmware, software, IoT based systems and interfacing systems that benefit the world.   

At LJU, Department of Computer Engineering started the Under Graduate programme in the year 2007 with an intake of 60 students which has now increased to 180 students. Besides the undergraduate programme, The Post Graduate programme (M.E) in specialized computer branch called Software Engineering (SE) is also available at LJU.

Computer Engineering at LJU undertakes a unique approach to educate the students for the emerging yet highly challenging industry of innovators. The undergraduate syllabus' design is such to have at its core academic lectures and laboratory courses to build a board foundation for students. Also, LJU has a wide range of senior capstone and technical electives that enable students to specialize in different areas. The curriculum includes courses in Programming, Algorithms, Data Structure, Digital Logic, Computer Organization and Architecture, Computer Networks, Socket Programming, Software Techniques, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Database Systems.


A career in Computer Engineering is considered one of the highest paying jobs and is full of opportunities as it is a never-ending industry in this digital age. Computer engineering graduates have the opportunity in government agencies and typical industries like computer manufacturers, computer maintenance companies, engineering firms, financial services, commercial organizations, research institutes and academic establishments.

The fast pace of technology has spawned a plethora of new and exciting jobs in the computing industry including the following:-

  • Web Developer and Designer

  • Network or Computer Systems Analyst/Administrator

  • Database Administrator

  • Data Security Officer

  • Database Manager

  • Software Developer / Software Engineer

  • Machine Learning Engineer / AI Engineer



12th Pass Science Stream (Physics+Chemisrty+Maths Group)

What Our Students Say

LJ is the totally different college than any other college because here the daily lectures, student Mentorship system and time to time exams help me enhancing my skills and knowledge in my field. LJ does not limit you to your field but the different events and clubs like Lumina, Student Corner, Notion etc. help you to grow yourself.

Kathan Shah
- Student, Computer Engineering, LJIET

LJIET provides a unique environment for all overall growth of the students. There is a wonderful infrastructure with specialized and dedicated professors who motivate and groom you from an uncertain mediocre to a highly skilled professional. College opens up large vistas of opportunities to grow with clubs like LJSC,LFA,SKYHAWKS,LJ 360,BLACKHAWKS,ROBOCON, Cultural events like LUMINA& CRAVIOTIC , Techfest like NOTION, HACKATHON and National event like Innovation Village (where students can demonstrate their technical and presentation skills and the students are offered startup opportunities).

Ishita Swami
- Student, Computer Engineering, LJIET