About this course

The Master of Urban and Regional Planning (MURP) degree offers professional education in the planning field. Graduates may eventually apply their professional skills in various government agencies, private enterprises, or non-profit organizations within a variety of subject areas.



Are you interested in shaping the way our cities, towns and villages are developed and built?


Do you want to play a role in preserving biodiversity and safeguarding our architectural heritage?


Would you like to help shape policies to combat global warming, contribute to the creation of self-sufficient communities and shrink our ecological footprint?  

Do you believe in social justice and strengthening communities to be able to influence policies that affect their lives? Do you agree with taking a long-term view on economic development to ensure that future generations can benefit from the earth s resources as much as we are doing now?

If you can say yes to even one of these questions then consider a career in planning.



Managing development and helping to create affordable housing.

Playing a role in regenerating socially-deprived areas and creating new jobs.

Designing our towns and cities to include attractive buildings, vibrant public spaces and bustling shopping centers.

Working to protect our countryside, trees, hedgerows, forests, grasslands, waterways, rivers and shorelines.

Helping to bring back historic buildings into sympathetic use.

Creating policies for managing traffic and providing sustainable solutions to our transport needs.

Improving energy efficiency and cutting carbon emissions in our homes, factories and businesses.

Engaging communities to have a say in how their living space is developed and protected to improve their quality of life.


As Urban and Regional Planning involves a multi-disciplinary approach, we take students from the field of Architecture, Engineering, Geography, Planning and Sociology. However, we feel this needs to be further broad based and open to other related disciplines in the long run.



First Semester Subjects:

Planning History and Theory

Socio-economic basis for Planning

Planning Techniques

Infrastructure and Transport Planning

Housing and Environmental Planning

Studio course


Second Semester Subjects

City and Metropolitan Planning

Infrastructure Planning

Urban Heritage Conservation

Advanced Planning Techniques

Studio Course Elective Subjects (Select any one)

Inclusive Urban Planning

Planning for Tourism


Third Semester Subjects

Urban Development Management

Project Planning and Management

Urban Governance

Politics and Planning


Elective Subjects (Select any one)

Environment, Development and Disaster Management

Energy, Climate change and Urban Development


Fourth Semester Subjects

Development Finance

Legal Issues and Professional Practice


Internship/Office Training of 6-8 Weeks after 2nd Semester is mandatory in the course.

What Our Students Says

In 2020, When my “Bachelor of Architecture” was completed from Here( L.J.School Of Architecture) I thought my college life was over here but who knows the show must go on, I took admission in “L.J School of planning” for a masters course in Urban and Regional Planning. Studying here itself is a great opportunity where I got well-qualified and experienced faculties, Director, Mentors, and supportive colleagues. The whole course is designed perfectly where we have different subjects along with the Studio course and GIS software learning. A great learning experience for micro-scale to macro-scale planning projects varying in the Studio with assignments, group works, field visits, and presentations which help in my personal growth in the planning field. The course has a bunch of great opportunities for the planning field. - Ar. Happy Patel

Happy Patel
- Student

It is a great learning opportunity in studying Masters in Urban & Regional planning at L.J School of planning which is a multi disciplinary course encompassing different aspects of planning from micro level ( Local Area Planning) to macro level ( Development Plan) to Regional level (Metropolitan Planning) under the expert guidance of very qualified and experienced faculties along with technical guidance in GIS based learning. The variety of subjects has enriched my knowledge in all different aspects of planning through different assignments, group works, field visits etc. The experience of learning at L. J School of Planning is fantastic with lots of good memories with our colleagues and knowledge gaining from faculties & friends. -Ar. Sagar Chotalia

Sagar Chotalia
- Student

Masters in Urban and Regional Planning at L.J. school of planning is an influential landmark in the city of Ahmedabad. This multidisciplinary course is imbibed with exploring urban fabric, experiencing professional practices and rigorously developing the scope of interventions for the same. I experience a cognitive journey here at L.J. school of planning holding best qualified and experienced faculties of their respective field and my colleagues with whom I get an everyday opportunity to work, learn and boost my educational outcomes throughout. Ar. Hardi Bhavani

Hardi Bhavani
- Student

In 2019, I had completed my bachelors in the field of Architecture. I want to start my masters and for the same, I searched and visited many institutions. In 2020, L J University started Master of Urban & Regional Planning, I had referred curriculum and decided to complete my masters from L J University. In a span of two years of M.Plan., I have tremendous learning experience which has enhanced my perspective towards urban planning and importance of various urban services for the better of ecosystem. There has been continuous support, motivation and guidance from our faculty members. I am pleased and indebted with LJ institute of planning. – Ar. Mahesh H Shah

Mahesh Shah
- Student

Being and practicing as an architect by profession, for last 16 and a half years, have seen how the spatial design mends mindset’s & philosophies, upgrades lifestyles, makes life easier. I had never imagined that this course of Masters in Urban and Regional Planning will provide such a vantage point, ‘a god like’ view to all things big and small, that it will change my perceptions on things altogether. It opened doors after doors of knowledge unlimited. I would highly recommend this course not just to try your mettle but to gain the opportunities and wisdom that will come with this knowledge. Finally, I would applaud the consortium of knowledge providers LJ has curated, which is at par with excellence. – Hanumantsinh Raol

Hanumantsinh Raol
- Student

“At the Age of 59, after a 34-year interval I decided to be a student again. As one can imagine, it was a difficult task. I have to thank the well experienced and passionate faculties of L.J University for making it easier. It has been a great learning opportunity and has given me a lifetime worth of memories. Masters in Urban and Regional planning is a well-planned program and it leads to change your perception on city planning field. I strongly recommend this program to anyone, who wanting to expand their planning skills. ” Amrut Kapadia

Amrut Kapadia
- Student

In the year 2018, after working as an Architect for the 11 years, I got inquisitive to do masters in Urban Planning. I was looking for the universities and my search got over when Mr. Himanshu Thakkar informed me about the start-up of the M-Plan program at LJ University. I apprehended the prospect immediately and became the first student to enroll for a master of Urban and Regional planning at LJSP. This master's program has nourished incredible understanding and insights about scale spatial planning. In addition, all the subjects are being taught by the field experts, which made this study more perceptive. I would like to congratulate LJ for such an astounding, well-structured course delivery and would highly recommend MURP course at LJSP for aspiring candidates. - Mitul Panchal

Mitul Panchal
- Student

“I am very pleased to be part of M.Plan course of urban and regional planning offered by L.J. School of planning. This course is quite convenient for professionals and thus it has enabled me to do become a student again after 20 years of graduation. I am really thankful to L.J. School of planning for this. This course is well structured and an experienced team of faculties have made it more interesting by their interactive teaching sessions. It has changed my perception towards the cities and its various aspects. So far, the journey of two semesters has been of quite learning experience. I strongly recommend this course to professionals and students involved in the built environment.”

Ar. Bhavna Prabhakaran
- Student

“I decided to pursue Master’s in Urban & Regional Planning 30 years after my Bachelor’s in Architecture. Being a student again after a long career in the field, and as an academician, was not an easy decision. But I appreciate the faculties at LJ University for making the transition not only easy, but enjoyable. The wealth of practical experience that the faculties have and share with us, is admirable. The curriculum and course delivery is paced well and is engaging. Interaction with experts and field visits are facilitated which enables us to be exposed to, and learn from real life scenarios. I strongly recommend this program at LJ University to all who are passionate about enabling a change in how our cities and regions are planned. “

Ar. Mamta Jadwani
- Student

“The slogan of the university is exactly match with it… indeed there is no age limit to gain education/knowledge, whether you have the good experience in architecture, Engineering and interior field. Though when I came to this campus and met with various faculties I came to know that I have to enhance the knowledge through well experienced faculty of doctorate level. After getting the admission I learned a lot in M.Plan subject, with its detailed process of learning and grasping more from the master facilities with new era of technology or we can say technically blended education with practical learning experience of planning studio, field visits, presentations which helps me to grasp the knowledge in all different aspects. The experience of learning at L.J is amazing. I would like to recommend fellow juniors to consider M.plan course of L.J. School of planning and understand the wider concept of the urban and regional planning as finally M.PLAN IS THE KEY TO WHOLE..”

Er. Nayan Padiya
- Student

“After doing my Architecture and practicing in the field of architecture I was always keen to know “how the city functions in different sectors. This curiosity brought me to pursue M.Plan. Faculties here is highly qualified and well experienced in the field and academics both. The studios are GIS based and detailed with proper guidance from faculties. I am glad I joined the Masters program in Urban and regional planning here at LJ University. I would highly recommend anyone to take this program at LJ university.”

Ar. Padmavati Mokaria
- Student

“In the year 2021, after working as an Infrastructure engineer for the 4 years, I got inquisitive to do masters in Urban Planning. I was looking for the universities and my search got over when I meet Mr. Himanshu Thakker and he informed me about the M-Plan program at LJ University. The relation between student and faculties is very cordial, which give me an opportunity to excel in my area of interest. It helps me to grow better professionally and personally. I would like to congratulate LJ for such an astounding, wells structured course delivery and would highly recommend MURP course at LJSP for aspiring candidates..”

Raj Barot
- Student

“After earning my civil engineering degree in 2016, I had the chance to work with an amazing team of planners and complete numerous planning projects at the state and ULB levels. I've been working for almost five years, and I've always had a desire to enroll in the MURP program. In the academic year 2021-23, the L.J. School of Planning offered the chance to enroll in the interdisciplinary course Master in Urban and Regional Planning. The educational pedagogy includes excellent teachers, sessions focused on industry, and special lectures by industry professionals, to name a few. I had the opportunity to connect with distinguished members of the urban planning community. It has widened my horizons and helped me gradually form a certain viewpoint on urban planning practices”

Vedgna Vaidya
- Student

“After 14 years of my under graduation I choose to do masters in urban planning and first university came in mind is LJ University as they have structured the course which is also suitable for professionals. Feeling grateful that University Have more than 30 years experienced faculty in the different field of planning. Enjoying learning process and Looking forward to learning more.”

Ar. Ruchi Shah
- Student

“It is a great pleasure to be part of L.J. Institute of planning as student of Master of urban planning and regional management. L.J School of Planning has been a great contributor to the development of my personality. I have established my leadership, time management and team skills and have also been able to advance these skills to the whole new augment level. The professors here make the university what it is today. With an attitude of being ever ready to help, and not only delivering classroom teachings, but they are also the pillars of the learning gained from this esteemed university and this is a treasure for life. If you want to make a career in Planning, I would highly recommend you to join L.J. school of planning.”

Viresha Ruparelia
- Student

“As I have completed my Bachelor in Planning. Urban Planning consists of both design and economic development of cities and urban environments that encompasses all aspects that impact the public including; land use, transportation, public spaces, physical and social infrastructure, etc. so I need some more knowledge and experience in this field so I took admission in “L.J School of planning” for master course in Urban and Regional Planning has given me a platform for overall growth and development. The faculty here is committed to provide us with the best knowledge. Also the academic course is organised perfectly such a way that we have different subjects and studio in every semesters. The course has given us a great exposure by expert lectures in the subjects and studio reviews. That in fact has opened so many doors for all of us as students. The L.J school of Planning give a great opportunity and experience in this field. “

Dhruvi Patel
- Student

“My journey with LJ school of planning is something that I will cherish for my lifetime as it gave me an opportunity to understand and analyse the planning at a broader scale which in turn helps me to understand the reason behind each and every micro level problems that we are facing in our day to day life may it be infrastructural problems or any other and also gave a vision to resolve it. The credit of all this understandings that I obtained goes to extremely helpful faculties who are expertise in their respective fields with immense experience too and my fellow mates ,who are always there for me to solve my doubts that arises in my mind.”

Ar. Heema Joshi
- Student

“I am very privilege and honor come at L.J SCHOOL OF PLANNING , L.J UNIVERSITY to doing master in urban and regional Planning. which is a multidisciplinary course. It encompassing different aspects of planning micro level to regional level. L.J. SCHOOL OF PLANNING holding best qualified and experienced faculties of their respective field. I have tremendous learning experience which has enhanced my perspective towards urban planning and importance of various urban services for the better city life. I am indebted with L.J. SCHOOL OF PLANNING, L.J, UNIVERSITY”

Uday Tuvar
- Student

“After completing my Bachelor degree in the 2021 year, I was looking for the college who provides me the detailed learning in the field of Urban & Regional Planning field & I got to know from reference that L.J University is providing the degree in the field of Urban & Regional Planning. And then I just came across with Himanshu Sir who guided me & where I cleared my all doubts by attending Orientation program. I think it’s pleasure that we have got the faculties who are master & having bunch of experience in the field of urban planning. I would highly recommend MURP course at LJ school of planning. Thank you LJSP for this wonderful program.”

Yashkumar Joshi
- Student