Financial Assistance

Fellowship/Financial Assistance 

to Ph.D. Scholars



[1]      A Paper published in an edited book as a Chapter will also be considered for an incentive of a cash award of Rs.11,000/- (Rupees Eleven Thousand) to the Faculty Member who publishes it in an edited book published by a reputed publisher like SAGE, Springer, Oxford University Press, Tata McGraw, Elsevier, John Wiley & Sons, Taylor & Francis, Sage Publications, Blackwell Publishers, Cambridge University Press, etc. Other terms like sharing of the Award money between multiple authors etc. will be as per the Policy approved by the Research Council on 5th February, 2021. (Ref.: Approved Item No. 3, Meeting of the Academic Council dated 16th April, 2021).

[2]     The financial reward for Journals listed in Q3 and Q4 of Scopus will be Rs.5,000/- instead of Rs.11,000/-. The same rule will apply to the Web of Science ESCI collection Journals. (Ref: Approved Item No.4, Meeting of the Research Council dated 25th September 2021).

[3]      Every Faculty Member should upload his/her Research Paper on the University Website, once it is published. The financial incentive may be given only after the Research Paper is uploaded on the University Portal/Website (Ref.: Approved Item No.16, Meeting of the Academic Council dated 30th October, 2021)

Fellowship/Financial Assistance 

to Ph.D. Scholars

Ph.D. Scholars will be given fellowship/financial assistance for academic activities during the tenure of their doctoral work (only up to the first four years). The stipulated fee for the Ph.D. Programme is Rs. 2,10,000/-. The total support against the fees will be available to a maximum of Rs. 3,50,000/- (Rs, Three lakh fifty thousand only), as per the following breakup.

(1)      The Ph.D. scholars can attend one conference in the first year, even without writing and presenting a paper in the Conference, subject to the recommendation of the supervisor and approval of the Director of the School. The Scholars can attend one more conference during the first year, if their paper is accepted for presentation in the conference. From the second year onwards, they can attend one conference each year, if their research paper is accepted at the conference, for presentation. The students will the reimbursed 3-tier A.C. railway fare for travelling between Ahmedabad to place of conference, besides registration fees (if any) of the conference, and Rs.100 per day toward out of pocket expense for conference days, as well as travelling days. The annual expenditure admissible under this account will be a maximum RS.10000/- per conference. It will be available up to 4 years from the date of registration

(To the maximum of Rs.50,000/-).

(2)           Every Ph.D. Scholar will be entitled to attend one reputed international conference during the entire period of doctoral research, provided research paper of the Scholar is selected for presentation in conference. The application to attend international conference must be endorsed and recommended by her/his supervisor, and forwarded by the Director of the School to the Vice-Chancellor for final approval.

The university will bear the cost of conference, including registration fee and travel cost. Over and above, the university will also give a token amount of US$ 50 (fifty) per day for the number of days of conference plus one day before and one day after the Conference.

(To the maximum of Rs. 1,25,000/-).

(3)            The Ph.D. scholars will be given an award of Rs. 5000/- per paper, published in a reputed and refereed Journal. There is no limit of publications for the award.

(Estimated amount Rs. 30,000/-)

(4)            The Ph.D. Scholar will be entitled to buy books worth Rs 5,000/- each year, for the first four years. The titles of the books will need to be approved by the Supervisor. The books so purchased must be relevant to his /her doctoral work. The scholar will place the requisition to the Librarian of the School/University, who will procure the books. The books could be retained by the researcher. However, we expect that the Scholar donates the books to departmental library.

(To the maximum of Rs 20,000/-).

(5)         A student can subscribe 2 (two) valuable journals every year for 4 years - Subject to recommendation of supervisor. Maximum amount of subscription admissible will be rupees 3125/-(Three thousand one hundred and twenty-five only) per annum.

(To the maximum of Rs. 12,500/-).  

(6)            The Ph.D. Scholars will be reimbursed up to Rs. 1 lakh (one lakh) for entire period of her/his research work leading to the degree of Ph.D., to meet the expenditure of survey work, data analysis, cost of raw materials, rental of the equipment, photocopy, printing of schedules, etc., depending on the discipline. All the bills and vouchers must be forwarded through supervisor, for reimbursement.

(7)        Over and above, the University will put Rs. 12,500/- (Rs. Twelve thousand & five hundred) at the disposal of the supervisor and the scholar to meet unforeseen exigencies. 


Total Assistance Admissible


Sr. No.
Fellowship Heads
Amount (Rs.)
1. Conference with in India
2. International Conference
3. Reward for paper for publication
4. Books
5. Journal Subscription
6. Research related Expenses
7. Need base allocation

Total 3,50,000