Director Message

Director Message

LJ School of Architecture (LJSA) is part of a larger campus of L J Institute of Engineering and Technology, established in June 2013 under the Architects Act 1972.

LJK feels proud to establish the School of Architecture with the aim to develop comprehensive professional Architecture training to bridge the existing gap between formal system and the realistic modern skills requirements of the architecture profession.

 Where Creativity and Technology meet together. It is the place of study and a professional practice. A cultural phenomenon radically altering the way we view our world and dream about our tomorrows. Offers career opportunities to aspiring architects seeking constant new challenges.

The mission of the LJ School of Architecture is to cultivate students to be highly creative, & sensitive in the field of development & societal values. This will be accompanied by technically skilled and digitally self-assured training.  

Our goal to ensure that students enter their careers confidently and collaboratively.

The School's mission is to develop Architects, Planners and Designers whose work focuses on the quality of the built environment and promotes social justice, cultural value, resource conservation and economic opportunity.

To create and support systems in school for providing exposure to the students and the faculty to the latest developments in discipline areas, industries, technologies and business.

To make available a pool of talented and qualified citizens to become future leaders for a prosperous and educated India, through development of their physical, mental, moral and professional strengths.

Focusing on affordable housing, green technology, and environmentally sustainable development, the institute offers excellent training methodology to ensure academic excellence through quality education in disciplined environment: 

Regular Lectures, Studio & Lab Work, Seminar & Research Assignments, Skill-enhancing Workshops, Experts/Guest Lectures.

Teaching pedagogy also includes Study Tours, Model Making, Individual and, Group Projects, Interactive Teaching System, Communication Skills Development, Personality Development, Presentations /Demonstrations.

 More than 170+ Students have been graduated so far and entered into the World of Architecture with flying colours.

 Ar. Himanshu Thakker